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I was too busy to post,

but this blog had its 3 years anniversary yesterday! :)


the L word + favorite character | alice pieszecki.

It’s my birthday today and right now we’re preparing things while listening to Future Souls.

It couldn’t get any better than that!

fuckyesleishahailey asked: You're the best, thank you! :)

To all my lovely followers: there’s a brand new Leisha blog that you all have to follow. Go ahead :)


If you guys want to read the full interview that Leisha did for this months issue of Diva Magazine, you can do so here

Full Diva Magazine Interview

It’s worth the read, trust me ;)

“Can you feel my heart beat
Motor in the flesh
I got this feeling
Chemical unrest
Never seen this coming my way
Never my plot
I don’t know but I’m falling apart”
~ Uh Huh Her, “It’s Chemical” (via elenibean)

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“Maybe you just have no heart or soul.”
~ Uh Huh Her - Time (via classylikeparis)